Does GPIO configuration by AT command need power reset?


I tried the following command and an error message was shown.

“AT+WIOCFG=30,16” (AT command)
“echo 30 > /sys/class/gpio/export”
“sh: write error: Operation not permitted”

In AT Command Reference(page.261), “Reset required to apply changes: No” is written.

Is it true?

I remember if you set it to GPIO output, accessible via AT commands ( = 4), after you can control it to be high or low without reset.
But your case seems need to reset module.

Hi, jyijyi.

Thank you for answering.
If possible, could you tell me why my case needs to reset module?

Hi, jyijyi

Sorry for interrupt.
According to “4118047 WPx5xx-76xx-77xx AT Command Reference_r7.1.pdf”, it is described that +WIOCFG is defined as “Reset required to apply changes: No”.
It is different from the test result and AT command description.

Could you tell us the specification which is correct in the HW point of view?

I guess this is because you are changing the core owner from modem core to APP core when you change value from 4 to 16.

As said before, it depends on whether you are using modem core as parameter.

Thank you for your opinion.
“Reset required to apply changes: No” is incorrect in some cases, isn’t it?

kind of grey area, it depends on whether you are setting it as GPIO.