Data Connection Failure error code


Would you know where can I find documentation on what the Data Connection errors mean, such as those visible in the picture below?

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I only know the last two parameters:
3 - Call Manager

Hi @jyijyi ,

Thanks, however I’m not sure to understand how to interpret the codes actually being returned:

  • Code 3
  • Verbose 2001

Am I missing something?

Apologies, didn’t see the edit to your message.

Is there a place for me to check those codes?

you don’t have that source code pa_mdc_qmi.c as it is not for public


Would it be possible to just get the mapping of the possible error codes though (without access to the entire file)?

maybe this qaGobiApiTableCallEndReasons.h can help:


I am now seeing error 2504, do you know what error it means?

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Have you checked AT+CPIN? and AT+CGREG?

BTW, did you download the Linux QMI SDK to check?


I’ve downloaded the documentation now and can see the error codes, thank you.


I’ve just observed the following error

Data connection failure Verbose Call End provided Type 3, Verbose 1110

It is not documented in the qaGobiApiTableCallEndReasons.h file, would you be able to retrieve the code?

it seems to be EMM problem

Thanks, do you have any more details please?
I’m not sure to see what it means

no, i don’t have more detail, it is network stuff problem


I am sometimes encountering the following error codes when attempting to connect to a network:

disconnection_code: 2
disconnection_reason: 14
failure_code: 0
failure_type: 0

I think that disconnection_code: 2 means Internal Call End Reasons according to this document: Platform specific error codes - Legato Docs

Would you have a solution on how to understand this error code and potential ways to connect successfully when it happens please?

what does the “disconnection_reason: 14” mean?
Is it a hex value?
I cannot find anything related in

Those values were obtained with the following, sorry I should have precised:

disconnection_code: le_mdc_GetPlatformSpecificDisconnectionCode
disconnection_reason: le_mdc_GetDisconnectionReason
failure_code: le_mdc_GetPlatformSpecificFailureConnectionReason
failure_type: le_mdc_GetPlatformSpecificFailureConnectionReason

still there is no such thing for “disconnection_reason: 14”

I know, yet that’s what le_mdc_GetDisconnectionReason is returning

here says

Is there any detail on how to interpret it?