Correct include paths for socket.h, bluetooth.h, rfcomm.h?

I am trying to build an application using rfcomm sockets for bluetooth. Each of socket.h, bluetooth.h, rfcomm.h is found in many different locations under $LEGATO_ROOT. I haven’t been able to find the include path that doesn’t result in missing nested include files or multiple definitions of some C element. Has anyone done this? Thanks.

Hello…It would appear that it is bombing when attempting to stack the init content over uart to the wl18xx module.

You need RTS/CTS stream control so as to work appropriately. Appears as though you are attempting to work without postulations pins and this is the reason it falls flat.

If you don’t mind arrange the RTS/CTS sticks too and interface them to the module.

Thanks for the reply. Perhaps you are thinking about another problem, my problem is that the application won’t build.

Hi, did you treid to put the paths in the Makefile (-i) ?