Core dump when running script to get a file

What is the cause of this problem? Where can I find a solution?

In your adef file, you must change the maxFileBytes: and the maxFileSystemBytes sizes to allow for the size of your file.


Can you tell me how to solve this issue? thinks

I am reopening this Bug.
Still using WP7603(-1) and the problem is similar, only I don’t get any errors, it just slows down and stops after about 30+ Meg.
I’ve got the maxFileBytes and maxFileSystemBytes set to 100512K.
I am running R10.1 (Legato version 18.06.3)
I can run my script from the shell cmd line with no issues. It downloads my full update ~65Meg .spk file. I can then run fwupdate using that file and update my app. All is well.
However, if I call the script from a Legato app, the download slows down to a crawl and stops somewhere north of 30Meg. I am downloading to the /tmp directory. Again, this works if run from a terminal window.
What is causing this?

Solved: I had to use /home/root to put the file there. Then everything works. /tmp apparently gets too full sometimes for that big of a file. Of course, in order to put a file there you have to have your app run as not sandboxed.