Compile One project for al least 3 modules

We have developed a projet for module WP8548. But now we must change to WP7607 and WP7611. There are some hardware, device mapping …etc differences.

I dont want to have a different projet for each module. So I started defining in app.adef some “envVars” to be able to manage some parts of the code. For example MODULE==WP8548.

But I have realised that adef “envVArs” is not what I really need. Can I define a global compiler MACRO like:
#define MODULE WP8548
//#define MODULE WP7607
and use it inside c files, cdef files and also adef files?

What is the best aproach to do something similar?

seems cannot, probably you need to use different .adef file.

Lots of thanks!!. Then I’ll continue using the “envVars” section and then commenting some parts.