Changing APN, Username and Password & le_data_Request

Hello all,

how can I change the APN, Username and Password befor calling the le_data_Request function?

I am using the legato version18.06.03.

Please see

Hi jyijyi,

I have to change the apn , password and username from my source code.
Is there any api function to do that, I would like to avoid to use the command “cm data apn”.

Ypu can go and see the source code of cm tool

Hi jyijyi,
I already saw the source code. The cm tool uses the le_mdc api (modem data control).
The le_data_Request uses the le_data api (dataConnectionService).

There is a warning:
Some Services shouldn’t be used together in the same app (e.g, if you use a multi-app safe service like Data Connection, you can’t also use the Modem Data Control Service).

As you say you don’t want to use cm tool, then you can port the code to your application, then it will not be using the API together.