Auto restart app


I want to know how to auto restart app to running while app is stop running?
(wp7605 r13)

thank you

you can write a script to monitor the “app status”, once it stops running, use “app start” to make it run again.

i didn’t want to start app by typing but i want to control by using switch or receive sms.

now,while i turn sw to sleep the current is around 0.01A and app is stop running.
when I turn sw to wakeup current is increase to 0.25A but the app is not running.I want app is auto running when I turn sw to wakeup.

Do you know to to write the app or auto command to control it??

you don’t need to make the app stop when going to sleep
you can keep the app running

i didn’t make it stop but it auto stop while I turn it to sleep

you can write a helloworld simple app
if module goes to sleep, will it stop running?