Application is Not deleting in Legato

I have tried to remove the particular application ,but it not removing that application and sometimes it is disconnecting in that situation .

How did you do that?

Does the log show any errors while you are trying to remove the app?

I have run in to this problem a lot.
For me the log would always show something along the lines of “no such path /foo/bar”

The only way I could stop the error from occurring was to run my app unsandboxed. That might not be a solution for you, but it might be worth trying to see if it fixes it for you.

Hi @karthikraju,

For removing the application you can use :

  • app remove “application”

  • There is an alternative way with update-pack tool to remove an application in the target from your Linux host, example :

    update-pack -ar helloWorld -o helloWorld.remove.update

    After that you flash the target with helloWorld.remove.update