Airvantage through Ethernet


David Frey posted this in the mangoh forum November 2017:

I talked to a couple people on the Legato team and they mentioned that the reason you cannot connect to AirVantage using the ethernet connection on the mangOH Green is that the ethernet connection isn’t supported by the data connection service. The data connection service is responsible for establishing a data connection to the internet on demand. This is a known issue and there is some interest internally in improving the data connection service to support this feature. I don’t know when it might happen though.

Is there any news on this topic?

I did some tests with legato 20.4 and le_dcs but it still tries to start a new cellular connection even though I have an active ethernet connection.

hi @nilsa,
no it is not possible yet,
you can use cellular or wifi connection .

Hi @plu
Do you have any idea when it will be possible?
Or is there a legato roadmap available?

hi @nilsa,
for the moment this is not implemented , and not planned yet, in a future release .
Best Regards

@plu any news on this matter?
Or is it possible to handle FOTA/SOTA with AV and mqtt or any other API over ethernet?

HI @nilsa,
If I look at interfaces/le_data.api in Legato, I see ENUM Technology contains WIFI , CELLULAR and MAX (a sentinel value) and no ethernet, so that makes me think that it’s not supported by the le_data interface which is what was originally called the “data connection service” back.

I discussed with the legato team, It was in the plan to add this feature, but in the end, they did not … and unfortunately, it will not be available in the future.