Adef processing: copying static directories


I think I’ve found another feature in the adef processing.

I want to use the ‘files’ facility to upload a number of resources (web pages etc) with the application. When I do something like:

files: [rwx] "../BaseImage/static/home/www/" "/home/www/"
I get the following error:cp: cannot stat `../BaseImage/static/home/www/': No such file or directory ** ERROR: Command execution failure, exit code: 256.
If I explicitly list a file in the source directory, all is well.

I suspect that the script needs to look at the source string, and if it’s a directory do a cp -R, rather than just a cp.

There is a workaround: list each file individually - but it makes the adef difficult to read - and it means that when a change is made it has to be made in two places (the source tree and the adef file).

ciao, Dave