About Hello IPC example api file

It’s my first day with legato and I am trying to understand how this platform works.
In the printer.api file is this:

string message[100] IN ///< message to be printed into the log.

Why do I need to define/great a function here, I can not see where are those called out in components?

In server.c there is the implementation of printer_Print function as I can see
void printer_Print(const char* message)
LE_INFO(“******** Client says ‘%s’”, message);

and In client.c printer_Print() function is called out

What is the relationship between functions described in printer.api and in components?

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You need to define this function in printer.api as when client program is compiled, according to the .adef file, it will know it is a IPC function to call the printer_Print() in server.c.
Also in this definition in printer.api, it will declare the message format to pass from client program to server program.

In the server program’s .cdef file, it declares “printer = printer.api” and in the printer.api, it defines the function Print().
So that is why we need to have a function called printer_Print() in server.c.

For more information, you can have a look here:

Thank you for your replay
now I get it, I don’t know why I thought that printer_Print() is like printerPrint() but it is like prefix that refers the variable printer in cdef and after _ comes the function name defined in api file. All clear now