3rd party library

I am trying to add x86 .so file to my project. Please look at error below.

Didn’t wp module is running on arm version?

You have to recompile the library to fit the targeted platform.

Also ldflags are usually written like -lLIBRARY so for instance Poco library (PocoNet.so) the ldflags would be -lPocoNet.

Here is an example how I link .so to my application

  1. First in adef file you need to add the library file if it doesnt exist on the target (if you haven’t compiled kernel then it probably wont exist)

/* Shared library files */
poco-1.9.2-all/_INSTALL/lib/libPocoCrypto.so.62 /lib/libPocoCrypto.so.62
poco-1.9.2-all/_INSTALL/lib/libPocoData.so.62 /lib/libPocoData.so.62
poco-1.9.2-all/_INSTALL/lib/libPocoDataSQLite.so.62 /lib/libPocoDataSQLite.so.62
poco-1.9.2-all/_INSTALL/lib/libPocoFoundation.so.62 /lib/libPocoFoundation.so.62
poco-1.9.2-all/_INSTALL/lib/libPocoJSON.so.62 /lib/libPocoJSON.so.62
poco-1.9.2-all/_INSTALL/lib/libPocoNet.so.62 /lib/libPocoNet.so.62
poco-1.9.2-all/_INSTALL/lib/libPocoNetSSL.so.62 /lib/libPocoNetSSL.so.62
poco-1.9.2-all/_INSTALL/lib/libPocoUtil.so.62 /lib/libPocoUtil.so.62
poco-1.9.2-all/_INSTALL/lib/libPocoXML.so.62 /lib/libPocoXML.so.62

  1. Then for the .Cdef files you need to do something like this:


I have got “bundles” in adef file, I also tried -l in .cdef. It did not work. I have got .so files for x86 and x64 versions, but I do not have it for ARM. I cannot recompile it, because it is not open source project.

Then i don’t think you can use it