16.10.4 sandbox and getaddrinfo()


Any ideas how to use getaddrinfo() in a sandboxed app ??

I have found getaddrinfo() works if I set sandboxed: false

Thanks in advance


I think the issue may caused by sandboxed app cannot use the network interface directly.

Nop - sockets above 1024 work in Legato sandboxes

There must be something very special about libc - getaddrinfo() that stops it working in a Legato sandbox - unfortunately no one on this forum has responded with an answer yet :smiley:

Anyway to work around this issue I’ve created the following unsandboxed service and then had to hack the legacy code to call getaddrinfo() via the service rather than directly call getaddrinfo()

Please anyone - feel free to add other libc functions that they find don’t work or maybe an answer as to why there is a problem with getaddrinfo()

Happy days

Is /etc/resolv.conf mounted in your sandbox?

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I find the sbhelper tool very helpful for issues like this: sbhelper - Legato Docs. When you launch this tool with your application, it will help you identify what the sandbox application is missing.