WP76xx Application Processor Power Consumption


in the PTS I can see what current the WP7607 is using when sending via LTE, but there is no mention about the A7 application core.

How much does the A7 consume when running under full load and how much when just doing “housekeeping”?

Is there any document where I can get more information? I think the PTS is a little bit sparse.


You can see the current in airplane mode AT+cfun=4

Thanks, but the problem is that we don’t have a module to test this at the moment. We are at the stage of evaluating if we can use this module.

When I look into the PTS, airplane mode with radio off is listed with max 36 mA. Is this the same as AT+cfun=4 ?
Can I expect the maximum power consumption on full load to be 36 mA?


yes, AT+CFUN=4 means airplane mode.