WP7607 GNSS poor reception

I have an odd behavior of the GNSS
I am testing the device indoor with a GNSS repeater installed on the ceiling
in the same position at the same conditions I get reasonable amount of satellites with SNR of 26 to 30 and then o satellites at all or 2,3 with SNR of 09 to 11
Using my Smartphone I can see about 15 satellites with SNR from 25 to 34

    • What could be the reason for the unstable readings?
    • Is there any SW command to improve the reception (i.e. enable internal LNA, configuring the internal LNA)


hi @Ymark,
this topic should be addressed into the forum.sierra dedicated to embedded modules and WP series.
here is the link https://forum.sierrawireless.com/c/airprime-embedded-wireless-modules/wp-series/35
so please I suggest you open a topic there.
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