WP76 Series - Processor Cores

Hi there,

I would like to learn more about the new Sierra Wireless WP76 series based on the Qualcomm MDM series.

For example the Qualcomm MDM9207, has a ARM Cortex A7 1.3GHz, how many cores does it have?



Usually Sierra Wireless WP76 series has 2 cores.
QDSP6 and Cortex A7. you can refer “WP76XX_Product_technical_specification_r4.pdf”
Qualcomm MDM9207 has ARM Cortex A7 which has 4 cores.
this MDM9207 depends on the particular ARM architecture and each arcitecture has there own number of cores
that helps in performance of the single thread.

you can go through Architecture of ARM Cortex A7.