USB-SS wakeup on timer


I am using the API for le_pm_StayAwake succesfully so I can enter\exit USB-SS mode.

additionally I can wakeup either via USB \ SMS \ GPIO

how can I wakeup on timer (for example set to wake up after 10 seconds)

thank you

Hi @deadpoolcode.

The Timer API supports SS. It’s just a matter of creating a timer, setting the interval to 10 seconds, and setting an expiry handler (if required).


When a timer expires, if the timer expiry handler is set by le_timer_SetHandler(), the handler will be called with a reference to the expired timer. If additional data is required in the handler, le_timer_SetContextPtr() can be used to set the appropriate context before starting the timer, and le_timer_GetContextPtr() can be used to retrieve the context while in the handler. In addition, a suspended system will also wake up by default if the timer expires. If this behaviour is not desired, user can disable the wake up by passing false into le_timer_SetWakeup().


exactly what I have done :slight_smile:

working fine, issue closed