Set/Get Profile Index

Hi All,
I have tried to use functions le_data_GetCellularProfileIndex and le_data_SetCellularProfileIndex but system tells me, “Function could not be resolved”.
Yes, I have included

#include “legato.h”
#include “le_mdc_interface.h”

and other functions are OK Link to le_data documentation
Has someone experienced the problem? Were these functions deprecated?

Which Legato version you are testing?
I think le_data_SetCellularProfileIndex() is introduced since Legato 17.07.

Thanks for info. However it raises a question. How can I upgrade legato in my developer studio?
I use Developer Studio version 5.3. When I click “Packages” in my Developer Studio, I can install older version 16.10.1 (version 16.10.3 is greyed out because is already installed.) . Should I change the Path?

Looks like Release 14 (Legato 16.10.1) is the latest one for WPx5.

Probably you need to wait for new release to use this new API.

Thanks for your help.

Actually for Rel 14 it is 16.10.3, which documentation is located at

You can eventually install the latest Legato (17.09.0) on wp85, but it is not exactly validated by the SWI WP85 team.

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