Is there a way to keep my network configuration on mangoh red, even after power cycling?

I have found my mangoh red tends to lose its network configuration everytime I power cycle. I have followed this tutorial to set it up as a router, however everytime I cycle power the (configuration file) disappears and I have to do the configuration all over again. Is there a way to store these parameters so that mangoh red references this stored state on startup everytime?

You can modify the script file

@jyijyi what should be added or taken away from the script file to do this?

For example,

read -p "Enter WAN (cellular) interface (default: rmnet_data0): " ITF_WAN
if [ -z “$ITF_WAN” ]; then
echo “WAN interface $ITF_WAN”

You can directly set the value of ITF_WAN inside the script instead of querying the user.