eSIM, Provisioning and ADPU


I have a few question regarding the eSIM, Provisioning and therefore ADPU.

  1. We are using the WP76. Is it correct that there is a eSIM in the module itself?
  2. Is it possible to configure this for a provider by ourselfs?
  3. Is it possible to configure multiple providers?
  4. Is this configuration done with the ADPU?
  5. Where can we get the ADPU packet?
  6. Is the ADPU packet provided by the provider?

Thanks in advance,

have you checked AT!UIMS=?

Yes, it shows !UIMS: 1 but I wanted it to be confirmed by someone from Sierra Wireless.

What about the other questions?


AT!UIMS=? will show if esim is in your module

As I said, it shows !UIMS: 1

But I also need answers for the other questions

on my side:

!UIMS: 0

!UIMS: (0-1),3


Sorry i missed the =
AT!UIMS? shows !UIMS: 1
AT!UIMS=? shows !UIMS: (0-1)

that means it has esim

ok that’s great! Do all WP76 modules have a eSIM or only some models?

What about the other questions?

it depends on SKU when you ordered the product.

For other question, as it is not related to legato, you should ask in here:

Ok, that’s good to know, but I still need answers for question 2-6.