Custom Yocto project

Actually i’am working on adding nginx and influxdb layers to a custom yacht image, but I have a problem with releases the only available release is dizzy but I have layers on rocko release, i need a folder with met-swi/meta-swi-extras and all the sources (poky, meta-oppenembedded, kernel) in rocko release

Hi @mrousocomec,

Yocto rocko [2.4] was not integrated yet for SWI products, so it is not available.

As Yocto updates are not trivial and quite high risk, I would instead recommend that you backport these recipes for the Yocto version that you have for your product (which is dizzy [1.7] as it seems).

Given that influxdb seems to rely on go and nodejs (GitHub - C-X1/meta-influx: Yocto Layer for influxdb etc. DEVELOPMENT), backporting is unlikely to be trivial.