Command to automatically select Y when installing leaf packages?

Is there a flag or other way to select Y automatically when installing leaf packages, in a similar fashion to apt-get install -y ?

–non-interactive e.g. leaf --non-interactive select latest will automatically setup the profile and install packages if not found.

“–non-interactive” does’t seem to pass the argument “-y” to apt-get when one or more packages are misssing while invoked by leaf.
Has this been your experience as well?

So far the only workaround I found was to use the error message to go back and edit the Dockerfile again and calling apt-get mysefl with the “-y” option and the list of packages from the error message. Do you have a better method?

P.S. I also get stuck further on the license (saw your other post) while trying to create a Dockerfile.

I still had the same issue yes, had to add packages that showed up in errors using apt-get install.

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